The Weekly Roar #060

[Download] [24.7 MB] [1:01:24]
Hosted by: Grant Brunner & Marty Keefe
Special guest: Sadiq Kassamali

Show notes after the jump.


* #059 was awesome GB
* Oh, the pimping! GB
* Joost! GB
* Interesting: ipod cost around the world MK
* Geni updates GB
* New shuffles! GB
* Grant’s interview and how it went. GB
* Apple ad during the Super Bowl. GB
* Apple UK ads GB
* Review of PB Wiki GB
* Oh, boo-hoo. The poor little gal is getting made fun of by the mean ol’ tech journalists. GB
* Pics from the pit? GB
* UPS usefulness GB
* Ubuntu in Q GB


* Drupal! MK
* Save Paragon MK

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