The Weekly Roar #062

[Download] [24.2 MB] [1:00:20]
Hosted by: Grant Brunner & Marty Keefe
Special Guests: CypherXero & Sadiq Kassamali

Show notes after the jump.


  • Backing up huge amounts of data. GB
  • Audio Hijack and podcasting abilities. GB
  • Cougars don’t live in DE, but lynx and bobcat do MK
  • Hacking FON Routers via shell code injection CX
  • Summarize for OS X GB
  • Snow days FTW! GB
  • Drive-By Pharming Hack CX
  • Chris Pirillo takes advantage of YouTube. GB
  • Dual Screen Lappies! GB
  • tree down, no electricity or broadband MK
  • PunBB 1.3 and the PunBB Dev Blog announced. GB
  • What is galls, and what does it do? MK
  • and Gear Media Tech have both launched. GB
  • Brand spanking new logo! GB
  • Free RAM for everybody! I mean… cheap RAM for Bassguy. GB


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