The Weekly Roar #065

[Download] [22.4 MB] [0:50:50]
Hosted by: Grant Brunner & Marty Keefe
Special Guests: CypherXero & DarkFusion

Show notes after the jump.


  • Darkfusion tells us the horrors of Linux breaking Vista. GB
  • CypherXero will talk about his latest venture, cyphersecurity…. CX
  • A secret project to be revealed on-air! CX
  • Joystiq Interviews famous game designer Dave Grossman and Sam & Max creator Steve Purcell. VF
  • iTunes update. GB
  • YouTube: MTV 2.0 GB
  • Trouble in TWiTville. GB
  • MoBlogging, anyone? No? Seriously? GB
  • GDC recap. GB
  • Geni rounded up 10 million dollars of venture capital. GB
  • Productivity apps. GB
  • Creative Commons 3.0 GB
  • daylight savings is bull, doesnt save energy. MK
  • I’m in. Are you? GB



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