The Weekly Roar #068

[Download] [27.3 MB] [1:08:04]
Hosted by: Grant Brunner & Marty Keefe
Special Guest: John B.

Show notes after the jump.


  • LAN Party :-/ GB
  • Dark Tranquillity and the Haunted MK
  • CS3 finally on its way! GB
  • From the “O Rly” department: Hot chicks sell things. GB
  • Pirillo, Scoble, and Arrington make it on a hilarious news parody. GB
  • Apple TV: A Huge Success GB
  • Apple implements “Complete my AlbumGB
  • X-Men 3: It Doesn’t Suck GB
  • Slight mention, dual antennae for fon router mod MK

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