The Weekly Roar #072

[Download] [16.2 MB] [1:10:29]
Hosted by: Grant Brunner & Marty Keefe

Show notes after the jump.


  • Talkshoe / Interweb issues. GB
  • KotOR MMO rumor: Round 2 GB
  • The problem with using TwitterIM. GB
  • iWeb Pro on the horizon? GB
  • StarCraft 2 to be announced? GB
  • HandBrake 8.5b1 hits! GB
  • Seti on old boxes? GB
  • Bluetooth-y phones. GB
  • Marthy saw the ATHF movie. MK
  • Movin’ the Best Vet Yet to a new home. MK
  • Podcast of the week: GeekBrief.TV MK



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